December 4, 2023
Welcome Felicity Coltman

Studying music involves more than learning the technical skills to play the piano. I believe in teaching the language of music - having students understand the theory and historical background of the wonderful wealth of classical music that exists for us. I want students to develop a love, appreciation and understanding of music, so that it will remain a part of their lives, whether they become professional musicians or not.
One-hour weekly lessons include exploring the history, theory and language of music, developing technical and sight-reading skills, and of course, learning to play beautiful music on the piano. My goals are to develop and nurture the love, understanding and appreciation of classical music, along with the ability to perform at a high level. I encourage students to play duets and chamber music, and teach them the art of accompanying - a valuable skill for pianists to have.
Studying music provides enrichment in our lives, one refuge from the busy world in which we live. I teach adults who want to learn to play the piano or to return to lessons. My current adult students include young adults returning to lessons after a hiatus, parents of young children and retirees who now have the time to return to playing regularly.
Students participate in recitals and masterclasses during the year. If desired, students are prepared for the piano and theory exams offered by the Associate Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London, the National Piano Guild Auditions, Federation of Music Clubs Festivals, activities presented by the Austin District Music Teachers Association, and out-of-town competitions.
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